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Second Star Alaska

Second Star Alaska. Your resort destination for events, and overnight staying! I along with the implementation team just finished up this website for a house in Homer Alaska. I would love to go see and visit this place because it looks so beautiful! Go check out the gallery page and if you feel so inclined to

Spectaculair Interactive

I, together with our implementation team have launched another website! Spectaculair Interactive! One of our interns along with the Creative Director, designed the website, while we did the front-end of the development. Using a custom WordPress theme, CSS, HTML5, PHP, Javascript, and JQuery, we produced what you can now see on the website here: spectaculairinteractive.com.


I’ve been working in illustrator more and trying to get the feel for it again, since I’ve been in photoshop so much over the past year. I started out small with a couple of illustrations and type. Here is what I came up with over the weekend.